~> Sherry A. Birkin <~
D.S.O Agent | Supergirl | Blonde
Daughter of G-Virus developer William Birkin and wife, Annette Birkin. After being implanted with the G-embryo and later vaccinated with it's antidote, she fled Raccoon City with Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. Under conditions for her release from house arrest, Sherry now works as a D.S.O agent.
[Indie RPer for the Resident Evil franchise character, Sherry Birkin.]



This Needs To Be Said.

Okay, listen up, you have no right to tell someone else how to play their character. This is roleplay, it is a form of creativity, it is a release, it is your own words into something that someone else created. Yes, you can have your opinion. Yes, you can suggest things to other RPer’s to improve their skills, politely. Yes, you can go right on ahead and form your little cliques. However, at the end of the day, you CANNOT tell someone else how to roleplay, you can’t make them portray their character the way you want them too. If you want to try out that character, if you think you can do better— fucking do it; but don’t tell someone else they are no good, you’re no good for saying it.

I’m sick and tired of seeing every fandom I’m a part of and roleplay in,  down each other over stupid, childish, playground shit. We are all over 12, I’d hope and this bullying crap needs to fucking stop. All of us have enough problems in reality as it is, that’s why we’re here. I’m not saying you can’t have thoughts on how a role should be played, you can. We all do, I DO. That does not mean you can’t roleplay with that person, it doesn’t mean you have a right to bash them, their writing or their character. It DOES mean, if it’s such a problem for you to accept how a mun chooses to tell their characters story,  that you unfollow and do not roleplay with them. Move the fuck on and let everyone else make their own decision on the matter.

You are an individual, your brain works, form your own ideas and don’t bash someone just because it’s the "cool"  thing to do. No one has to delete their account, no one should be ran off of an account because of anons or assholes in general. KNOW WHEN A JOKE IS OVER, if that’s what you think this is. I’m not angry, you idiots have not gotten under my skin, I am just fed up. Stop it. Some people I don’t RP with, some people I didn’t enjoy as partners, some people are not my kind of storytellers— Do I bash them? NO. Do I talk to them? Probably not. BUT, I will protect them. No one has a right to push someone else out of roleplaying. Go jump in the most bitter and cold lake you can find, you judgmental assholes! Seriously, before I sic Ustanak on your nuts.

You are not better than anyone, sometimes being an elitist just makes you an immature dick. Get It Right: Be a nice person, it really isn’t hard. Don’t poke fun at the ask blogs, don’t hate anon the out of character  characters,  JUST ROLEPLAY and HAVE A GOOD TIME. I’m done here.

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